Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Let me close this year's blog with the many places I am thankful for...
-Thank you Savoy for your Hainan chicken and rice. I hope to eat it more than once this 2010.
-Thank you Kogi for the innovation and the creativity that is Mexi-Korean. It is the pioneer in you that really made me interested in chasing your truck and craving it every week. Thank you for parking in Eagle Rock, it does make my satisfaction a much easier conquest.
-Thank you Coral Reef. It may not be in my blog but it has become a recent favorite for a VERY cheap lunch location.
-Thank you Rambo's for being there when we need a late night meal, status post alcoholic bouts. 
-Thank you Gyu Kaku for our happy hour moments and the cheap beer.
-Thank you Full House for my dimsum fixes. Good every single time.
-Thank you Tofu Village. Your dollar domestic beers are always a good find for early HH moments. I wonder when will you have cold noodles again?
-Thank you Conrad's for always being patient in accommodating the tennis team. It may not have the best of food but it has been the connecting point of many conversations and controversy.

Ooooo, I have so much more to be thankful for. I may not have mentioned it but I will find a way to honor your greatness by continuously supporting you and eating my way through the menu of your establishment.
Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010. I shall have more offerings, I hope. I'll wipe my salivating palate and type away my satisfied belly once more this coming year. 
Ahhhh....what can i say? This is my life with food. 



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cocktail for Dummies...

I am now a proud owner of Cocktails for Dummies (pocket edition)...YES, I am. We went to target yesterday and there they were...IPhone for Dummies, Twitter for Dummies, Blackberry for Dummies, and Cocktails for Dummies. And for only $1 you will have the pleasure of serving your most favorite and most complicated drinks at your next holiday party. 56 glorious pages of alcohol at its finest. And even on one chapter called Methods to the Madness, it teaches the dummy in us on how to slice a lime or an orange. NICE. I'm not a fancy hostess (well, to a certain a point) so a simple excess of alcohol is enough for me. When they have the cranberry or OJ in place next to the Grey Goose then my part is done. The rest will all fall into their specific glasses. But it is relieving to know that if someone asked me make a Bellini then I would know to muddle a peach in a champagne glass, add simple syrup, and plenty of champagne. Or if someone wanted an Irish Buck then I would know to hand him/her whiskey and ginger ale and call it a day. Or that if someone shouts out Nervous Breakdown it may just mean vodka, Chambord, soda, and a splash of cranberry mixed together. Do NOT call 911. In conclusion, buying ________ for Dummies may not necessarily mean that you're a dummy. It just means there are certain things that you are not so familiar about. Take it from me. I am a self-confessed expert on anything above 5%alc but I did not know before tonight that Buttery Nipples exist (Irish cream, vodka, and Butterscotch Schnapps). 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rambos, Eagle Rock CA

We really didn't have time to cook anything today. And with all the holiday preparations I had to do it was evident that a quick stop was necessary. We were getting tired of the usual burger/fast food places and we happened to have cash so Rambo's was a natural choice. I've mentioned Rambo's in my Kogi blog but it does merit its own. It seems that Rambo's brought many weird, painful, embarrassing, and drunken memories. But tonight was just dinner. I love their cabeza (beef cheeks) so I went ahead with my cabeza torta and a lengua (cow tongue) taco. Joe ordered his BRC (bean, rice, and cheese burrito) with plenty of hot sauce inside plus a cheese quesadilla. The smell of grilled meat filled the car as we drove excitedly back to Joe's house. I was a happy little kid. My beef cheek sandwich was a marvelous piece of art (LOL). It was soft, tender pieces of chopped meat that melts in your mouth with just the right amount of salsa verde dripping down the slightly grilled bread...ready for some serious licking. My lengua taco was just as good with some salsa roja; it was just right. I'm pretty sure Joe enjoyed his BRC. I was too full to try it. He said the quesadilla was pretty good. I will have word for it as another morsel would have pushed me to burst in the seams. Ayayayayay Rambo's. I would love to the an experiment: Leo's vs Rambo's. Someday. Someday.