Monday, June 29, 2009

In-N-Out, Glendale CA in-n-out is not an intangible myth, it is not mere fantasy; it is not a fairy tale from la-la-land. It is real. And perhaps you may have read or heard PLENTY of reviews, blogs, and ratings for this legendary establishment...and I’m pretty sure mine won’t make any difference to either convince, entice or change your mind but I suggest you read on, if not to salivate then to support a struggling, crazy yet bored blogger.
In-n-out is an either or type of a place. Because of the small menu, its either you like it or you don't, its either you'd come back or you won't. Burgers (hamburger, cheeseburger or double-double), fries, three different types of milk shakes, drinks, and cheap coffee. That's about it. It is a family-owned and operated chain so nothing has changed all these years except for maybe raising the prices and adding more items to their "secret menu". I say they know and stick to what they do best...serve me some mighty, delicious burgers.
Double double with grilled onions, no tomato, and well done animal fries. Simple. Perfect. I know a friend that cannot have in-n-out without a strawberry milkshake (which makes her a twice a year customer only...sad, but true). I like mine with plain, reliable diet coke. Two glorious, juicy patties with two slices of melted, salty cheese...lettuce, pickles, grilled onions, and "spread" (just like thousand island but more mayo-based). My fries are crispy and well done (as it should be) with generous "spread", gooey cheese, and pieces of grilled onions. Heaven. And the more I bite into that burger, dripping with juicy, "spready" goodness I can't help but nod each and every time (as if to show the world my much unsolicited approval). And as I dig into my crispy, salty, saucy fries I just can't help but think God is really good. And the night was so much better by adding much welcomed ambiance...under the stars and friends all around. The conversation was non-stop and the burgers were absolutely the same as any other day I’ve been to in-n-out...perfect as always.
I will be using perfect less and be down-a-notch fan as soon as I become disappointed...but it is still yet to come. I look forward to actually finding a burger that comes close to my in-n-out...I heard "the bucket" in eagle rock is a rockin' place with some really good beef but unfortunately not vegetarian-friendly and my special someone is. So til that day when someone is nice enough to pick me up and go with will continue to be on that pedestal...and that's what it is all about...

(btw the secret menu is not really that much hidden from the's very much available on the World Wide Web...check it out)


  1. Wow you sold me with that description I was there with you for every oozing gooey bite of deliciousness. I can feel the grease running down my arm. To bad I live in Michigan. Oh well thanks for letting me dream


  2. worries there's still hope, they're expanding pretty either that or come on down visit us ;) btw thanks for the comments...really appreciate em...

  3. i heard a lot about in and out and they said it's good one of the best burgers. haven't tried though since the drive will be pretty long to grab one. hehe