Thursday, September 24, 2009

The chronicles of PKA...

I know that PKA is done. I have lost by a 2lbs. to my friend Lui. It might have been more fair and acceptable if we were to measure by percentage as I was the smallest of six; nevertheless, I lost some poundage and that is all that matters for now. To narrate such ordeal is quite scary, I must admit. I had my weakest points and I had my stronger (much more disciplined) ways. I am proud to have lost many and will be ashamed to gained some back. But blogging leaves me no choice but to continue to forge on to new horizons and eat mas instead of menos. I will eat...if sensibly??? It leaves to wonder. But I will have more weak moments, I PROMISE.


  1. I'm glad your back, I followed your blogs until your weight loss program. Just restarted reading you again. Your funny. Love the flow.

  2. Hey anonymous (are you still reading my blog as we speak?-we're minutes apart)...I've been back but haven't blogged anything good in a while. I wanna find my Savoy once again. Let me know if you know of any.