Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daikokuya Ramen House, Little Tokyo CA


Comfort food is all about indulging to one's carving and hunger pain. And there's nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot soup, especially on a cold winter day. Visit Daikokuya Ramen, and any of its four locations, when one feels the need to give in to comfort.
Daikokuya Ramen in Little Tokyo, Downtown LA serves one the most delicious bowls around. This bowl is not the typical 99c ramen one can get at the local supermarket. The broth alone is a product of hours of boiling pork bones and joints until the flavor becomes so intense. It is then mixed with their special soy sauce based mix so that the flavor is completely embedded in every spoonful.  The broth and the ramen noodles simply come together in sync. But the soup does not overpower the rest of the players inside this bowl. Each order comes with kurobuta pork belly chashu  that is tender enough to melt in one's mouth. And as if the pork is not indulgent enough, Daikokuya adds marinated boiled egg, bamboo shoots, green onion, and a touch of sesame seeds to complete the offer.
But Daikokuya is more than the bowl of comfort. They also offer a multitude of appetizers; from the crispy gyoza that is their version of Chinese dumplings to Japanese sausages filled with their famous kurobuta pork. They also serve rice bowls and bento box combinations if a huge bowl of ramen is not enough for the craving tummy. Order either a diet coke or Asahi to wash the goodness down and one is set for the day.
So when that carving hits, either after a night of over-indulging in the diuretic called alcohol or upon waking up on a cold rainy day, Daikokuya is a sure fire hit to comfort that rumbling stomach and ease the salivating back into a calm, sighing relief.

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