Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kogi, Everywhere in Southern CA

It started with a mere rumor that became an interest...which became a goal then finally a chase. I didn't really chase the Kogi truck everywhere but i did follow it on twitter...if only to put a notch on my belt and say..."yah foos, i just did kogi".
4374 Eagle Rock blvd., yes , it was in my beb's neighbourhood...and as we pass the "Roja" Kogi truck, all that was running around my tiny brain space was PARKING SPACE!!! But luckily we parked near Rambo's (another famous late night taco truck), got out, and went in line regardless of the 90deg hot hot hot weather. Surprisingly the line was not as bad as i expected. It was slightly a family affair, even mothers taking picture of their kids in line and in front of the Roja truck that just parked. We had a conversation going with a former Korean local that has a Mexican restaurant in Vegas (how ironic, huh). We were both in line to try the hype, to test the popularity, and to taste the fad. So here we go.
Azul (the truck-in-training) pulls up, parks, and the prep time begins. Roja did start taking orders first and the menu was simple enough. If you have twitter, they do post the specials of the day including dessert. Yum. I was surprised that parking to prep to order and service was not a wait at all, in fact we did wait longer in line than to order and get our food. Short rib tacos, spicy pork tacos, kimchi quesadillas, and tofu burrito. I will come back in line for the Kogi sliders (short rib burgers with a spicy sauce) and the Kogi dog (hotdog, mexi-korean style). Those made my mouth salivate and my tummy rumble a little bit. But I wanted to try their popular and more interesting dishes first.The food comes unpacked, if you want it to-go (as we did) pull a couple of pieces of foil, get a bag, take your utensils...which are all available at the front of the truck and bag the food yourself. I didn't really mind. They were nice enough to give us extra radish, lime, orange wedges. So off we went.
The short rib tacos were tender, a little spicy with a little bit of tang. It was a little too much on a tiny piece of tortilla but i didn't mind. I picked up fallen pieces of short rib on my plate and enjoyed the moment. The spicy pork taco was not spicy at all, given the mexi-korean style i was expecting explosion and an immediate need for a diet coke extinguisher but...was disappointed. The pork was tender and mild at best. Both tacos came with the same veggie slaw and sauce, which were alright. Slightly different from the original Mexican flavor but did work well with the meat. The kimchi quesadilla was a nice surprise. Interesting but in a very, very good, delicious way. The tortilla was perfectly cooked, the kimchi was excellent, the sauce was a little spicy but not to complain about. But my best bite so far was the tofu burrito. Silky tofu, melted cheese, a sweet yet somewhat spicy sauce inside a huge tortilla, definitely worth more than the 5bucks i paid for it. I can't wait to go to Costco one day to find these in the frozen section, ready for my microwave.
The tacos did under deliver, probably because the hype made me expect so much that the disappointment was very apparent. I would order the short rib again, but only because i waited in line for Kogi so i better get a taste of it anyway. But the highlights were the quesadilla and the burrito. So next time i wait in the heat, i know what my purpose would be. Not for the rumor, the interest, the chase, or the hype...but to try those dogs and to get more of my new found truck favorites.

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