Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spitz, Eagle Rock CA

I've been a Spitz customer since it opened in 2005. So going there one VERY warm Saturday was a perfect plan to satisfy a hungry belly. My lunchmates did just come from bikram yoga so i'm not really sure if Spitz was a healthy enough pair to 21 sweaty poses, nevertheless we drove on, found parking and made our way to some saucy wraps and sandwiches.
As soon as you walk in, your eyes are drawn to two things (at least mine were). I had to lick my lips constantly just by looking at those vertical meat broilers. Look close enough and you'll see the juices from the meat ooze out and drip down to each tender, protein crevice. My eyes almost popped out by the many choices of gelato they had on display, from the usual butter pecan and double espresso to the indulging white chocolate decadence to the unfamiliar yet inventive blackberry cabernet. 12 choices of flavors brings such a dilemma to the mind and the palate.
Time to order. A classic wrap with french fries. A falafelite wrap with sweet potato fries. A side of their dollar fried pita strips with hummus. Let me elaborate and add to envy. The classic is half lamb and half Doner beef with fresh slices of lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green peppers, and cucumber mixed with a Tzatziki and chili sauce. The falafelite comes with the same base except for slices of falafels. And the pita strips are deep fried and best dipped in their homemade hummus. They've added a new style to your kebab of choice. Spitz has now a "street cart" array of sauces to add-on to your meal. Extra Tzatziki, spicy, Mediterranean, and zesty. I happen to love their garlicky Tzatziki so it was a perfect addition to an already amazing bite. Joe likes anything that resembles fire inside your mouth so the spicy sauce was a must for him.
My classic was, as usual, GOOD. I mean really good. The lavash wrap was soft, chewy, and soaks in all that garlic sauce. The lamb and beef combo inside my wrap were just tender and flavourful despite the onslaught of sauce and vegetables. Note-worthy were the fries. My well-seasoned, deep-friend french fries were crispy, with obvious specks of seasoning stuck to a yummy yellow outside. Each bite were almost enough to convert me into disliking mcdonalds and in&out (well, may be not in&out).
The falafelite was still slightly crispy on the outside, which was a surprising since its been soaking in the Tzatziki and spicy sauce combo. The falafel itself was packed with flavor and it does tend to be dry on the inside, but this time it wasnt. The sauces inside the wrap helped in keeping it soft, warm, and with never a dry spot. The seasoned sweet potato fries were salty on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. Im not really a fan of sweet potato fries, or anything to replace my Yukon obsession. So this is as much as i am willing to describe it.
The fried pita strips were just crispy and the hummus needed absolutely no adjustments in preparation. They were partners in crime and they could steal away your health-conscious sanity if not careful.
Im really a gelato freak, having had both good and bad ones, i really am very critical of what i call gelato. Spitz' gelato was alright. The flavors were interesting enough to make me want to try them all but not explosive enough to make me buy a big cup with no sharing privileges. I did try the blackberry cabernet, sweet and bitter. The double espresso was just like strong coffee with a sweet finish. The texture was a little too rough, almost sandy for my taste but try one and let me know if i have to change my mind.
The wraps were cut in half yet each are huge portions enough to satiate even the most hungry. I couldnt even get myself to start my other half but it was perfect, 4mins inside my oven toaster for a late snack. Worth it.
Spitz does merit a mention in my blog, or yours. Try out their many other choices...chicken, veg, doner plates, get a wrap or a sandwich and for sure you will come back for more. I know i fact, ive been looking for a lunch spot for a while now. Looks like i have found it.

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