Friday, August 7, 2009

Savoy Chicken, Alhambra CA

Full house. There's about 5 or so names written on that stand outside the door. No maitre de, no hostess, no welcoming smiles. Paper without even lines on it. Write your name, how many in your party, and wait. But it will surely be worth it.
Hainan chicken rice heaven. When people tell you to get the Hainan chicken, when Yelpers tells you it's famous and it's HIGHLY recommended, or when you see almost everyone inside eating the Hainan chicken ...THEN for crying out loud...GET THE HAINAN CHICKEN. It is cheap heaven on a plate. For $6.75 (plus $2 for dark meat) you get this huge plate of goodness. The chicken has been poaching in their special broth until it is just fall off the bone tender and infused with such amazing flavor. Dip it in ginger and chili sauce and it is elevated to another level. I mean it is something so simple on a plate. It looks just as plain as chicken and rice, but do not underestimate my friends. This plate is love inside your mouth. Simple yet so complex in flavor, a wave of warmth and comfort on your palate...sweet, salty, savory (SSS-triple threat). And of course, let us not forget the rice. The same poaching liquid for the chicken is used as the cooking liquid, lending such a light, savory flavor to the fluffy rice.
But of course we started off with the escargot. It is baked with herb butter (and baked to PERFECTION). Although, it is not the healthiest, IT IS A MUST try. Ignore the glistening coating on the outside. Let's say it is not is not BUTTER.
Joe had the conch pasta and it was decent. Conch is one tough meat if not cooked properly, and theirs were cooked to tender, edible bites. The fettuccine was mixed in garlic, white wine, and olive oil sauce. Going to an Asian restaurant, pasta would not be first or second or third on my list. Although, he did enjoy it to the last morsel...and I was satisfied with my taste of it (or what I had to fight for).
Mentionable are the crispy, thin shrimp rolls, and the free refills of iced tea. Unfortunately, it is CASH only so come prepared. I would like to try the curry; it comes highly recommended. Well, Joe will have curry and I will have the chicken (best of both worlds). I mean, AFTER ALL, when people tell you to get Hainan Chicken Rice...what do you do??? This foodie will not be told twice...this foodie WILL get Hainan Chicken Rice.


  1. Ive been here before but got the curry, this time YES i will try the chicken. You have converted me to a believer.

  2. TRY THE CHICKEN...and what do you do when a foodie says you should...TRY IT. LOL. But yes, one of my favorite hole in the wall places. Love the chicken.